Efficient use of CATIA applications

The enterprise AB Designer offers professional technical advice and support in the effective use of CATIA software in the work of engineering. Our goal is to shorten the time needed to create a 3D model and design documentation, which largely improves and facilitates the work of designers. Our basic task is to create and implement solutions that meet the full customer expectations. High effectiveness of our activities is very much due to the many years of experience in working with CATIA software and comprehensive approach to the tasks assigned to us. We focus not only on user requirements who directly use CATIA software, but also on the expectations of those who benefit from the work of engineers indirectly – project engineers, program managers, CAE/CAM engineers, etc.

What services do we offer?

  • CATIA Macro / CATIA Script / VB Applications
  • CATIA Library / CATIA Template
  • CATIA Power Copy / CATIA User Feature

Examples of selected macros

Macros - Demonstration files

New demos of selected macros are currently being prepared and will be available soon.

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AB Designer history

"My experience with CATIA system began with a rotodynamic pump design that was part of the course „temporary job” in the 3rd year of studies at Politechnika Wrocławska (University of Technology) in 2005. This project allowed me to get in touch with the company CADSOL Design Poland Sp. z o.o. During the two-year collaboration – mainly thanks to my own interest, an enormous workload and professional support from the CADSOL staff – I deepened understanding of the tools, structure and functioning of the documents and CATIA software. Preparing presentations for customers, supporting and delivering them training in the field of CAD allowed me to become familiar with the variety of needs and concerns of CATIA users.

The next level on my professional path was stepping into the world of Automotive with CATEXP. The experience gained during the two projects that were carried out for Volvo in Sweden has extended my theoretical knowledge and professional experience in design and computer-aided design in the automotive industry.

I have always dreamed about pursuing my two greatest passions simultaneously: design and programming. I was able to combine both of these activities when creating software for design and project management. Developing such solutions is at the heart of AB Designer, which started to operate on 4th October 2007.

Our offer was initially addressed to the customers in Germany due to the large popularity of CATIA software in the local industry. The number of professional contacts has increased over the years and it turned out that domestic users of CATIA system are also interested in similar services. Therefore, now is the offer of AB Designer also addressed to them."

M.Sc. Adrian Burzyński, founder of AB Designer

AB designer